Staple Popper and Mini Carpet Staple Remover Tools Combo Pack

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Easily remove carpet staples from floors and stairs with the Staple Popper combo pack. Combo pack includes 1 Stand Up Staple Popper and 1 Staple Popper mini.

The Staple Popper Stand Up Carpet Staple Removing Tool


  • Excellent for removing carpet padding staples.
  • Great for removing tackles strips from any previous carpet installation.
  • Easily removes the left over staples from the subfloor when taking up the old stapled down wood floor boards.
  • The stainless steel head is built to withstand the pressure of hard use.
  • The stainless steel blade, equipped with patterned teeth, is laid flat in order to remain flush with the flooring while the wheels gently guide the teeth naturally underneath any staples.
  • This tool is made so the user can stand upright while tackling this thankless but necessary detail in floor installation or refinishing process.
  • The powder coated handle is riveted on to the head which will prolong the life of the tool.

Staple Popper Mini


  • The mini Staple Popper is made for removing staples on wooden stairs treads.
  • Easily remove carpet staples from stairs with the Staple Popper Mini tool.
  • For use in removing 3/16" x 9/16" carpet staples from underneath the bull nose part of the stairs.

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