Carpet removal is very much a DIY project! If you think that this job is for professionals? Well, think again. Once you do it right, it can be your first love to do more DIY projects in your home.

One secret on how to remove carpets is having the right tools. Either you will use your existing set, buy or even avail carpet removal tools rental.

What are the Carpet removal tools needed?

Most common lists would recommend gathering a few lists of carpet removal tools but having a staple puller as good as a staple popper tool, you definitely get rid of those long lists. 

Take  a look at these shortened list of tools you need to have before removing your carpet:

Read these 6 Quick tips to remove your old carpet:

  1. Gather essential tools. Having the plan is only half the battle. Prepping    your carpet removal tools helps you to do the job well and successfully. Put on your protective gear and remove your other furniture before starting to pull your old carpet.
  2. Baseboards. If you have these, remove them first. Using your putty knife carefully remove starting at one corner proceeding from side to side without cracking the boards. Once they are loosened, you can now detach them from the wall. Once done set them aside for repainting before installing them back.
  3. Start at one corner and Cut into strips. Cut your carpet into strips. Start pulling and roll-up. Using your duct tape, bundle each strip of pulled carpet to prevent them from unrolling.
  4. Carpet tack strips and carpet padding.  If you need to replace worn out tack strips and carpet padding, then this should not concern you. Use your staple popper to insert it under the tack strips. You can start twisting  lightly to loosen the tack strips until they can be lifted to remove them from the flooring.

Next, remove the padding just how you remove the carpet. Roll them into strips and use duct tape to prevent them from rolling back. Carpet pads are stapled on your subflooring. Use the Staple Popper Stand Up Carpet Staple Remover Tool, to remove carpet staples. However, if these two are in perfect shape, skip this process.

  1. Remove Carpet Staples. After you ripped your old dirty shag, the next round of the challenge is how to remove carpet staples from the floor. One smart way of acing this part is using a durable staple puller. You can check the best tool for this job, The staple popper carpet staple remover.

Here’s why the staple popper  carpet remover tool is the best for carpet staple removal compared to Pliers, Small Pry Bar and other Carpet Staple remover.

  • Allows you to stand while removing heavy-duty carpet staples without you bending or kneeling on the floor at all times.  
  • Ergonomically designed to save you from pains as you can easily roll and pop staples from the floor.
  • Its staple popper mini is ideal for use in removing carpet staples from stairs.
  • remove tack strips from any previous carpet installation.
  • Its patterned teeth that guide  flat in order to remain flush with the flooring while the wheels gently guide the teeth naturally underneath any staples.
  1. Clean up. Yey! You are now close to celebration and time to tidy the area and dump your old carpet. Your local dump container services can surely take care of this job for you. So, contacting one beforehand will relieve you from the burden of disposing of your old carpet.

Congratulations on a job well done. Certainly, this ain't going to be your last DIY project at home.